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Lucas was struggling.

Described by his mother as ambitious, then three-year-old Lucas had developed some very challenging behaviors early in the pandemic. Some might be quick to consider them typical for a toddler but his parents knew otherwise. His parents read books and tried various approaches, but Lucas' outbursts had reached crisis proportions. These meltdowns would happen multiple times every day, and each one would last an alarmingly long time.

Thankfully for Lucas, his parents made a decision to get help...and that has made all the difference to him and his family.

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Lucas F. | All-Star Class of 2022

Missing genes and the power of love.

Five-year-old Mona is a one-of-a-kind girl. Literally. Her neurologist says she is likely the only child in the world who is missing two particular seizure-related genes.

In addition, Mona has something called secondary adrenal insufficiency, which impacts regulation of most of your bodies functions. With these conditions and associated symptoms, Mona requires constant attention, which means her parents have to work in shifts at their jobs, taking turns to be with Mona. And yet they are nothing but grateful.

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Mona Z. | All-Star Class of 2022

Nar almost didn't make it.

As a baby, Nar was sick—a lot. And when he was almost two, he nearly died.

Within 24 hours of arriving at Connecticut Children's, he was on a ventilator, his kidneys were failing and he was not responding to aggressive antibiotics. Teams from across the hospital came together, looking for a diagnosis and a treatment. Imagine the relief, and uncertainty, felt by Nar's parents when the immunology team finally found what they needed to make a diagnosis.

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Nar S. | All-Star Class of 2022

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Babies received critical care in 14 NICUs we staff in Connecticut and New York.

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Every child who came through our doors last year received expert, compassionate care.

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At Connecticut Children’s Foundation, our mission is to support the health system. By bringing together patient families, donors, community members, philanthropic partners and others to raise the financial resources needed to invest in people, research, technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we can support Connecticut Children’s in providing the care our children need and deserve.

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