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It started as a mystery and grew to be a frightening enigma. Five-year-old Dalia was sleeping all the time. All the time. She would come home from school and go straight to bed, sleeping until being forcibly wakened the next morning for school. No games, no playing with friends, no TV, just sleeping. Her pediatrician said it was probably within a normal range of behavior.

Then she stopped eating. She simply had no interest at all in food. That was not normal.

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Dalia | All-Star Class of 2021

Small But Mighty

Brady was born very early, at 25 weeks. But even for a 25-week-old baby, he was tiny: a mere one pound, four ounces. At this early stage of development, most of a baby’s organs are not fully formed, yet they need to start functioning. The lungs are particularly challenged, and that was certainly the case with Brady.

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Brady with his NICU photo

Finding the Right Path

Throughout infancy, Tori was agitated and would scream all night. As she grew, she would experience uncontrollable outbursts with violent tendencies. But she was also a kind, smart and funny little girl. While classmates were learning, growing and forming relationships, Tori’s school experience was markedly different. After being bounced around adult health systems and experiencing a revolving door of therapists, progress wasn't being made.

Tori continued to have violent outbursts at school and one day the cops were called. Eight-year-old Tori was transported to the nearest adult hospital. “I didn’t know what to do,” says Tori, as the tears start. “I didn’t think anything could help me.”

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Tori, smart and smiling

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Babies in need of critical care in our NICUs received life-saving care last year.

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Telemedicine visits expanded rapidly to keep our patients and healthcare heroes safe.

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Every child who came through our doors last year received expert, compassionate care.

Our Mission

At Connecticut Children’s Foundation, our mission is to support the health system. By bringing together patient families, donors, community members, philanthropic partners and others to raise the financial resources needed to invest in people, research, technology and state-of-the-art equipment, we can support Connecticut Children’s in providing the care our children need and deserve.

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