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Board of Directors

The Corporate Board

Mr. David Roth serves as Chairperson of the Corporate Board, a diverse group of civic leaders who help set the course for Connecticut Children’s future as they function as the organization’s governing body. Mr. Roth is the Senior Managing Partner of South Ocean Capital Partners. He also chairs the Compensation Committee.

The Foundation Board

This group of dedicated leaders promotes Connecticut Children’s role as a regional leader in pediatrics and child health by actively engaging the philanthropic community in support of Connecticut Children’s initiatives and events. Mrs. Shari Cantor, currently mayor of West Hartford, serves as Chairperson of the Foundation Board

Shari Cantor, Foundation Board chair

Board Spotlight | Shari Cantor

Shari Cantor gave birth to her fourth son, Jacob, on October 21, 1996. At first the baby seemed fine, then one of the nurses looked at him and said, “He looks dusky.” It turned out Jacob had multiple heart defects that required specialized cardiac care right away. Happily, Jacob was born at Hartford Hospital and specialized care was across the street, where Connecticut Children’s Medical Center had just opened.

“Connecticut Children’s had just been built,” says Shari. “Jacob, in fact, was one of their first patients. And thank God it was there.” To meet Jacob today, you would never guess he had any kind of deficit. He has even been able to join in one of the Cantor family’s passions: running and participating in a variety of local road races.

Given the important role Connecticut Children’s has played in the life of the Cantor family, it should not surprise anyone to learn Shari, now the mayor of West Hartford, serves as the Chairperson of Connecticut Children’s Foundation Board. “Connecticut Children’s means the world to my family,” says Shari. “Giving back as a member of the Foundation Board is both a personal joy and a way to express the gratitude our family feels for the amazing care our son received 25 years ago.”

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Members of the Corporate Board

Andrea Balogh

Women’s Health USA, Division President & General Counsel | Member of Finance and Audit, Planning and Facilities

Scott Braunstein

Data Mail, Inc., Executive Vice President, Human Resources | Member of Finance and Audit, Quality Improvement

Tina Brown-Stevenson

UnitedHealthcare (retired) | Member of Governance, Compensation Committee

Shari Cantor

Connecticut Children’s Foundation Board President | Ex-officio

James Fanelli

US Trust, Senior Vice President | Member of Finance and Audit, Governance

James L. Hall, II

JAMM Capital Technology, Inc., Chief Executive Officer | Member of Quality Improvement, Planning and Facilities

Michael Isakoff, MD

Connecticut Children’s, President of Medical Staff | Ex-officio member

Thomas Katsouleas

UCONN, former President | Member of Quality Improvement

Skip Kodak

LEGO, Senior Vice President of the Americas | Chair of Planning and Facilities Committee, member of Population Health Committee

Dorothy Levine, MD

Physician | Chair of Quality Improvement Committee, Member of Planning and Facilities

Megan Mackey, Ed.D.

Central Connecticut State University, Associate Professor | Member of Population Health Committee

Robert B. Magnus, III

ESPN, Executive Vice President, Programming & Scheduling | Member of Quality Improvement

Otis Maynard

UnitedHealth Group, Senior Associate General Counsel | Member of Quality Improvement, Governance

Carlos Mouta

Westside Property Management | Member of Planning and Facilities

Michelle Murphy

BDO USA, LLP, Assistant Director of Tax Quality & Risk Management | Member of Quality Improvement

Jonathan Rubin

Magellan Health (retired) | Chair, Finance and Audit Committee, Member of Investment Committee, Compensation Committee

James E. Shmerling

Connecticut Children’s, President & CEO | Ex-officio member

Tina St. Pierre

Landmark Partners, Partner & Chief Administrative Officer | Member of Finance and Audit, Planning and Facilities

Andrew Zeitlin

Shipman & Goodwin, LLP, Partner | Member of Planning and Facilities

The Foundation Board

Geno Auriemma

UCONN, Head Coach of Women’s Basketball | Member of Development Committee

Christine Bromberg

Robinson & Cole, Partner | Vice Chair, Member of Chair of Gift Acceptance, Governance

Lauren O. Casazza

Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, Partner | Member-at-large

Mike Fish

MJ Fish, LLC, President & Founder | Member of Planning and Facilities Committee

Lou George

Hassett & George, PC, President | Member of Governance Committee

Daryl Jackson

Chick-fil-A, Owner | Member of Development Committee

Margi Jakubowski

Robert Henlsey & Associates, Vice President | Chair of Development Committee

Jeffrey Klenk

The Travelers Co., President of Bond & Specialty Insurance | Member of Development Committee

James W. Lewis

Thompson Brands, LLP, President | Member-at-Large

John A. Sodipo

Jacobs & Sodipo, Managing Partner | Board Secretary

Matt Somberg

Gottfried & Somberg Wealth Management, Co-Founder and Principal | Chair of Investment Committee, Member of Development Committee

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