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Expert Care. Innovation. Compassion.

Your support allows us to recruit and retain expert clinicians who deliver the most advanced and effective care of children possible. While we use today’s medicine to treat children, your support allows physician-researchers to find new and better treatments. We wrap our family-centered care in compassion, because we understand how hard it is to have a sick child.

Our Funding Priorities

Changing the Future Through Research

Many are surprised to learn Connecticut Children’s is a hotbed of research. Because pediatric illness and disease are unique from their adult counterparts, it is essential to invest in discovery and innovation. When we understand childhood diseases, we can develop new and more effective treatments. The Research Institute supports Basic & Translational Research; Population Health & Outcomes Research; Clinical Research; and, Core Services, including Clinical Trials.

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Dr. Germain-Lee in her lab

Meeting the Greatest Needs

The most practical and powerful support you can give is to the Greatest Need Children’s Fund. This allows us to meet the immediate medical, emotional and social health care needs of our patients and their families. During a crisis like a pandemic, it allows Connecticut Children’s to purchase PPE and set up COVID-19 drive-through testing. It provides for everything from art therapy used by Child Life Specialists to specialized equipment, like nine different sizes of tiny blood pressure cuffs used in the NICU. The Greatest Need Children’s Fund does it all.

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Fetal Care Program

Fetal Care

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Clarity of Mission. Necessity of Support.

As the only health system in the state dedicated to exclusively to children, Connecticut Children’s has unique needs. The health system has ambitious plans to expand its delivery of care services to more children and families across the region through a close-to-home strategy, as well as provide new and extraordinary care options in Neonatal Medicine and Hematology-Oncology. We have a strong commitment to discovery, and the Research Institute will help drive innovation, so we can provide the finest care to every child who needs it.

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