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A chronic illness such as diabetes, inflammatory bowel disease or an eating disorder takes a toll on kids’ mental health. Treating the chronic illness means also treating the stress, anxiety and depression that can accompany it. In January, Connecticut Children’s opened its new Medical Psychiatric Integrated Care Unit—the first in the state and one of only two such units in the entire New England region.

A room in the Medical Psychiatric Integrated Care Unit at Connecticut Children's.
A room featuring a comfy chair and a CoWin Media Wall in the Medical Psychiatric Integrated Care Unit at Connecticut Children's.

It’s a beacon of hope for kids with complex medical and psychiatric needs. In this welcoming new treatment space, kids can receive the medical and mental health care they need concurrently, with no need to transfer to a different facility.

Whack a Mole being played on a CoWin Media Wall
A leader stands in front of the CoWin Media Wall which will aid in entertaining and keeping kids safely connected while being cared for.

Installed in each of the unit’s 12 inpatient rooms are state-of-the art CoWin Media Walls, generously funded by Connecticut Children’s Corporate Board member Tina St. Pierre and her family. Designed by specialists in psychiatric care, the media walls are an important patient engagement, learning and entertainment tool that can be programmed for each patient’s individual needs and age. In addition to activities such as art and games, the media walls are also a therapeutic tool to de-escalate acute challenges, build coping skills and increase resilience.

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