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Triumph Over Adversity

When Ariella (Ella, for short) was four weeks old, her parents brought her to Connecticut Children’s, where she was hospitalized for feeding issues. Four months later, she was diagnosed with nemaline rod myopathy, a rare muscle disorder that can be life-threatening, and she underwent a feeding tube surgery. Her early years were filled with hospital visits, specialists, and procedures. Her tracheostomy made it easier for her parents to clear her lungs at home as she got older, but she was still getting sick frequently and missing days of school. When Ella was seven, she was referred to the Division of Infectious Diseases & Immunology and diagnosed with an immunoglobulin deficiency. Suddenly, the frequent illnesses began to make sense—her body simply was unable to make enough antibodies to ward off infection. The new information opened up a new path for healing. 

Today, Ella still sees multiple specialists at Connecticut Children’s, but those visits are less frequent. Remote learning due to COVID-19 restrictions was an unexpected blessing for Ella. Without the physical stress of navigating a germ-filled school or getting on and off a bus in her wheelchair, she was finally able to focus on learning. Ella is interested in being an engineer when she grows up. She loves theater, animals and cooking.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals dollars go towards Connecticut Children's Greatest Needs Children's Fund, which gives patients and families like Ella’s the best care possible.

Ariella B. | 2024 Champion Child, Children's Miracle Network Hospitals

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