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Our Team Captain: Ashley Veilleux, RN

As Team Connecticut Children’s laces up for the 2024 Eversource Hartford Marathon on October 19th, we are thrilled to introduce you to our inspiring team captain, Ashley Veilleux. Her passion for running and commitment to Connecticut Children’s are truly motivational. Here’s a closer look at Ashley’s journey and what motivates her.

A Seasoned Runner and Inspirational Leader

Ashley Veilleux is more than just a seasoned runner; she is an inspiration for all of us. Having dedicated over a decade to running, Ashley has participated in 17 marathon events in the last seven years, with her longest race distance being a full 26.2 miles. Her journey in the running world is a testament to her perseverance and passion for the sport.

Ashley has a special connection to the Eversource Hartford Marathon, having completed the Hartford Half multiple times and the Full marathon in 2018. What draws her back each year is the electrifying crowd, the energizing music, and the overwhelming support from the community. The iconic finish under the arch and the vibrant post-race celebrations are moments she cherishes deeply.

Dedication to Connecticut Children’s

Beyond her running achievements, Ashley's heart lies with Connecticut Children’s, where she works as a Registered Nurse. Recently joining the Pediatric General Surgery Clinic while continuing her work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), Ashley's dedication to her patients is unwavering. She draws daily inspiration from the resilience and courage of the pediatric patients, who face immense challenges with a smile. For Ashley, pediatric nursing is not just a career but a calling—one where the smallest acts can have the most significant impacts.

A Rigorous Training Regimen

Her training regimen is as rigorous as her commitment to her patients. Guided by a dedicated running coach, Ashley runs five days a week, covering 30-45 miles, and does strength training two to three days a week. Her Border Collie, Chloe, has been her faithful training partner for over eight years, sharing in the joy of running and racing. Ashley is also supported by an incredible group of friends and a running club, making her training sessions both challenging and enjoyable.

Fueling her runs with the right nutrition is key. Before a big race, Ashley follows a carb-load plan, with her favorite pre-run foods being the Maurten Solid 225 Bar and a banana. Post-run, she indulges in happy hour oysters followed by authentic Mexican food—a well-deserved treat after her intense training sessions.

Join Ashley in Supporting Connecticut Children’s

Ashley’s journey with Connecticut Children’s began 13 years ago, and she remains immensely proud to be part of an organization that has received Magnet Recognition. Working with a compassionate and hardworking team, Ashley feels a deep sense of belonging and cannot imagine herself anywhere else.

You can be part of this inspiring journey too! Join Ashley by registering with Team Connecticut Children’s for the Eversource Hartford Marathon. Funds raised by team members support Connecticut Children’s, the only health system in Connecticut that's 100% dedicated to kids. Your participation and contributions can make a significant difference in the lives of the children and families we serve.


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