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PJs and Pierced Ears

A few days before Thanksgiving 2020, Becky took her persistently tired, generally not-feeling-well, six-year-old daughter Joey to the doctor. Joey’s pediatrician ordered bloodwork. The next morning, Becky received the call that would turn her family’s lives upside down:

“Joey’s blood counts aren’t normal. Just to be safe, take her directly to the Emergency Room at Connecticut Children's…”

By December 11, Joey was on Day 17 of chemotherapy as she battled Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). Becky recalls how hard it was to see kids waiting for their buses in their masks and PJs. She cried seeing KC101’s Adam Rivers deliver Dunkin' to Joey's teachers who were raising funds for PJ Day for the Kids in support of Connecticut Children's.

Joey powers through another round of treatment in April 2021
Chemo infusions are exhausting

There were so many tears…including tears of gratitude for the thousands of people who care about kids like Joey and support the incredible work of the Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders.

“I feel so fortunate to have world-class care within driving distance of home," says Becky. "My other children were able to stay in their schools and activities, even as their world was turned upside down. Having to go to another local major city would have made it difficult to keep their lives as normal as possible.”

After numerous hurdles and setbacks, seven-year-old Joey—or “Mighty Jo” as her friends and Facebook followers know her—started the maintenance phase of her treatment in August 2021. She will receive daily oral chemo until at least February 2023 and intrathecal chemo every 3 months until then. While Joey has been able to get back to some normal activities during the maintenance phase of treatment, kids with ALL face an incredibly long treatment protocol.

Joey and her doll got their ears pierced!
Joey isn't worried thanks to her family and care team.

Joey doesn’t remember much of PJ Day for the Kids 2020 but this year will be different. Joey is looking forward to wearing her American Girl Doll PJs to her second grade class. She is excited to show them off—along with her and her doll’s newly pierced ears—to her classmates!

If Joey's strength has inspired you, please consider joining her, and thousands of others across Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York, for the 11th annual PJ Day for the Kids on December 10, 2021.

Wear PJs—Support Kids with Cancer

PJ Day for the Kids is officially recognized by the state of Connecticut and is celebrated annually on the 2nd Friday of December—but you can celebrate PJ Day any day of the year.

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