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MRI Caring Suite Makes MRI Scanner Less Scary for Kids

For even the most laidback adult, spending an hour lying still in an MRI scanner can be a stressful challenge. Imagine being a sick child facing the same task.

Connecticut Children’s MRI Caring Suite is designed to alleviate a child’s anxiety by putting them in control of the Suite’s environment. Here, kids can choose the lighting, audio and video in which they are immersed while our radiologists capture the critical images necessary to support each child’s diagnosis and care journey.

3T MRI with light color of the patients choice

Don’t let the colored lights and daily showings of Disney movies fool you into thinking this is all for fun. The MRI Caring Suite is a state-of-the-art 3T scanner that quickly produces the highest resolution images. 

All medical divisions are supported by the MRI Caring Suite, but its top users are:
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Orthopedics
  • Hematology/Oncology

“The MRI Caring Suite has created an environment for our patients that is so much more welcoming. When a child is undergoing testing, they often feel helpless,” said Joe Phillips, Director, Clinical Services/Diagnostic Imaging. “The Caring Suite allows them to control their surroundings and that small bit of empowerment makes a huge difference.”

Facts about the MRI Caring Suite:
  • It serves over 2,000 patients every year.
  • Anesthesia is needed less frequently when patients are distracted.
  • It has a dedicated control room where the anesthesiologist can monitor a child’s vital signs, adjust delivery of anesthesia and maintain constant observation.
  • Icy blue is a popular color choice for patients. Kids describe it as feeling like they’re in the movie Frozen.
  • Bluey on Disney+ is a popular entertainment choice with younger kids. Older patients favor Avengers and other Marvel movies.


The MRI Caring Suite was generously funded by Bill and Marie Pastore, Dana Pastore and Stacey Safryn.

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