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The Finest Imaging Capabilities

The Hybrid Operating Room will have an operating table with a large “C”-shaped arm at one end. That arm is the imaging tool for interventional cardiology. It will also feature very large high-definition video screens that provide rotatable 3-D images for surgeons doing conventional open surgery, giving them unprecedented perspective and the ability to see otherwise-hidden issues. That superior imaging is possible with lower doses of radiation than our existing facilities require.

The Most Advanced Surgical Suite

Sometimes, a child is in the Catheterization Lab for a procedure and the doctor discovers a need for an open surgery. Currently, that child is moved to a conventional operating room, if one is available. Last year our expert surgeons performed 9,142 surgeries. With the addition of the Hybrid OR, Connecticut Children’s will increase its overall surgical capacity for all areas, including neurosurgery and general surgery. And the ability to transition a patient from a catheterization procedure to conventional surgery means that child will not have to receive repeated anesthesia.

Explore the Hybrid Operating Room


The new Hybrid OR requires reconfiguration of existing space within the hospital. Plans will replace the current Cath Lab and GI Services Procedure Rooms with a General Use OR, Hybrid Cath OR and Control Room. New space means better facilities and more time to accommodate Catheterizations, Cardiac Surgery, ECMO and Cardiovascular Perfusion, Interventional Radiology cases, General Surgery, ENT, Neurosurgery, Trauma, Fluoroscopy and Endovascular procedures.

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The new Hybrid OR suite with Control Room, General OR and Offices

Interactive Tour

The current Catheterization Lab covers a mere 743 square feet—tight during a normal procedure. During an emergent situation requiring more specialists, equipment and supplies, the space becomes prohibitively cramped. Take a virtual walk through our plans for the Hybrid Operating Room and see the amazing difference it will make.

Take a Virtual Walk
Take a virtual tour of our Hybrid Cath OR

Naming Opportunities

Within the Hybrid Operating Room, the following naming opportunities exist for donors who want to benefit patient care at Connecticut Children’s:

Naming Opportunities

Hybrid OR Naming Rights$2,500,000
General Use OR$500,000
Hybrid OR Control Room$250,000
OR Nurse Manager Office$100,000
OR Nurse Work Space$100,000
Equipment Funds (multiple)$100,000
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Contact us about naming opportunities

Telmo Jr.’s Story

Telmo, Jr., was born at 27 weeks. “Junior” weighed only two pounds, seven ounces and was so small he could fit in his mother Jesse’s hand.

Any baby as small as Junior faces challenges because his organs are not yet fully developed. He needed the oscillator to help his still-growing lungs. He suffered a significant and stubborn brain bleed. But his biggest problem was in his tiny heart. He had patent ductus arteriosus and was facing open heart surgery. Then Frederic Bernstein, DO, the Director of Interventional Pediatric Cardiology, offered an alternative: a brand-new technology of putting a coil in to close the hole.

Such innovative procedures can be done in the Catheterization Lab, but if and when the need arises for conventional surgery, the Hybrid OR will be there for patients like Junior.

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Telmo Junior plays with blocks

The Difference You Can Make


The Hybrid OR will increase Connecticut Children’s overall surgical capacity


Build the only pediatric Hybrid Operating Room in New England to help more kids


Save the lives of more children with the finest care in the Hybrid Operating Room