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From bumps and bruises to treatments for life-threatening illnesses, Connecticut Children’s provides quality care to children like Joseph, close to home.

Joseph had been complaining of dizziness and headaches. He was stumbling around and his gait was slightly off. His mother, Kristina, recognized this was not typical for her 8-year-old son who is normally energetic and playful. Following a consult with their family pediatrician, Kristina was advised to take him to Connecticut Children's Emergency Department for a Neurology workup and imaging.

Although scared to learn what might be the issue, she knew she was in the right place.

Kristina and her family are grateful for Connecticut Children's

Kristina recalls, “The emergency room staff at Connecticut Children's are beyond incredible. Despite the fact that they were extremely busy, not one person ever made Joseph feel rushed. Every person greeted Joseph and explained what exam they were performing and made it into a game. He was able to choose the music and color of the room for his MRI, as well as unlimited goldfish and Gatorade.”

Kristina also shared, “These seem like simple amenities. But, when you have a scared child, they elevate their mood and give them a positive experience.”

Joseph received a clean bill of health.

His mother shared, “After what I witnessed in the emergency room that night, I realize Connecticut Children’s truly needs our support in order to continue this level of care.” 

Over 117,000 children were cared for last year at Connecticut Children’s.

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