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Game On!

Extra Life is a year-round gaming program that culminates in a 24-hour, nationwide gaming marathon, held annually the first weekend of November. Each participant* receives a customizable Extra Life fundraising page, where your family and friends can support your fundraising efforts! You can host events and create teams with friends, fellow gamers and more!

*When registering, please select Connecticut Children’s as your local hospital.

Since 2010, hundreds of gamers have raised over $750,000 for Connecticut Children’s.

Meet Chelsea

"I first became involved with Extra Life six years ago and have grown such an incredible network of friends ever since. I'd never streamed before, or knew anything about how to ask for donations, but the Extra Life community was so helpful and supportive with any questions I had.

Getting involved with our local group of gamers made me realize the significant impact I truly have on the patients and families at Connecticut Children's through Extra Life. The friends I've made through Extra Life, along with seeing the impact my donors and I have created, inspires me every year to keep fundraising for kids in need at Connecticut Children's!"

Extra Life Participant

Chelsea live streams to create awareness for Extra Life

Join our team @ExtraLifeCT!

Izzy with dad

Make it Your Own

Participants can play any game--whether it is a video game, board game, tabletop game, outdoor sport or a game they invented themselves--and support our patients.

Local gamers gather for games and planning discussions

Follow Us

Follow us @ExtraLifeCT on Instagram, Twitter, RedditTwitch, or join our “Extra Life Hartford” Facebook group. Connect with other gamers at a virtual monthly meeting of our local guild to play games and discuss upcoming events and activities.

Promoting Extra Life in CT

Partner with Us

You and your colleagues can get involved by sponsoring a game, gamer or your own Extra Life gaming event, or by staying open to welcome Extra Life participants on National Game Day.

Join for kids like Jordyn.

At 6 days old, baby Jordyn had to undergo life-saving surgery to correct pulmonary stenosis, a condition where the valve that controls blood flow to the lungs does not open sufficiently. Today, Jordyn is a competitive dancer, loves to bake and brings joy to everyone she meets.

Extra Life participants return year after year to support kids like Jordyn and ensure that they receive the world class care they deserve at Connecticut Children’s.

Each year you participate in Extra Life is better than the last. With achievements, swag, and loyalty rewards, your game day experience will be unforgettable.

Jordyn, 2021 Connecticut Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Champion